We help seniors age in place

Health starts in your home. Our Heroes provide companionship and help solve a range of every day tasks, thereby improving health outcomes, increasing longevity, and lowering medical costs for those you love most.

Our Services



We help Improve mental and physical well being by preventing loneliness, avoiding social isolation, maintaining social skills, and increasing overall sense of purpose.​

Homemaker & Chore Service

Light housekeeping for seniors

We support those who’ve experienced a loss in the ability to perform instrumental activities of daily living to remain in a safe, clean and healthy home environment.

Essential Assistance

Grocery shopping, errands

We help with the essential activities you need to continue living independently, whenever you need it most.

Respite Care

Caring for your loved ones can be stressful. We provide relief when you need a break or have other appointments.

Trips & Appointments

Senior Care Services - Trips and Appointments

Trips to the doctor, store, or other places are easier when you’re not alone. We help ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Check Ins & Reminders

Daily reassurance calls for seniors

We provide comfort to seniors in knowing there is someone to check in on them and ensure their well-being.

Caregivers You Can Trust!

Our Hero recruitment process is rigorous, resulting in the best care experience.
Our Hero recruitment process is rigorous, resulting in the best
care experience.


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What Our Clients Are Saying

Quiero agradecer a Hero Senior Care por su servicio mi familia quedo muy feliz con su trabajo , su asistencia fue 100% segura y los recomiendo a todos aquellos que necesitan por alguna razon ayudar a sus seres queridos con sus labores de sistencia en la casa , Gracias Hero Senior Care .
rosario perez
rosario perez
15:18 14 Jan 21
From my mom : "The service was special. In a country where kids do not have time to help their parents with their everyday care, the service came in handy.My caregiver made me feel confident which I needed in order to feel safe with her. She was very respectful, well mannered, and knowledgeable of the company. Before going anywhere, she would go over the security measures. She always wore her mask. She made sure I washed my hands when it was necessary. My caregiver took me to my appointments and did not interfere with the doctors' conversations. She wrote down in a paper all the doctors and therapist recommendations. She was very attentive when we were at home.The measures that this company provides to the community are excellent. There is a permanent harmony in the company from the owner, to the caregiver, to the patient (in this case me) which you don’t see at large corporations." Thank you Hero Senior Care!
Jacqueline Cuadra
Jacqueline Cuadra
03:17 05 Jan 21
Thank you Hero Senior Care!! My family had a very great experience with your services, from assistance with grocery shopping to quality care. Would definitely recommend 😁
Jocelyn Baez
Jocelyn Baez
22:20 27 Dec 20
They provide exceptional service for elderly people. My grandmother had the opportunity of experiencing their services and she was extremely content with the lady that serviced her. She assisted my grandmother with everything she needed and did a lot of things my grandmother has difficulty doing herself. My grandmother only speaks Spanish and they also accommodated to that need.
Gloria Sol
Gloria Sol
04:25 17 Nov 20
Gloria Sol
Gloria Sol
22:27 16 Nov 20
Hiring Hero has been one of the best decisions ever! We were always worried about my 78 year old grandmother as she was alone throughout most of the day given that my parents work long hours. We hired Hero to help with giving her rides to and from the grocery store, and stopping in a few times a week to her house to just help with a few things and make sure she was alright. I love that they call their workers heroes! All of them have been really sweet people and we've never had issues with them so far. I would definitely recommend them!
Katherine Maceda
Katherine Maceda
17:03 07 Oct 20
We hired Hero to help with my grandfather, mostly for a little extra help for him around the house when we couldn’t be there, and it’s been such a huge help! He even looks forward to the visit now and we’ll definitely continue using them!
Kristina Murray
Kristina Murray
23:39 06 Oct 20

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